You're not born to survive life, you're born to thrive!

My name’s Renee and I’m an IHP certified Integrative Health Practitioner and lifestyle coach.

Applying knowledge gained through our own journeys, my husband Joseph and I offer a holistic, integrative and bespoke coaching service to help you rebalance and thrive in life.

Connect Your Body. Connect Your Life.

Are you ready to feel alive and well?

At Rebalance Naturally we help individuals and couples resolve what is affecting their vitality in life. 

Like planting a seed and tending it through it’s phases of growth, we get back to basics, uncover what your body needs and replenish it so you can thrive and flourish in your life.

We are like curious health detectives joining the puzzle pieces to get to the root cause.

We look at how all areas of your life are connected.

Does stress in your job or relationship cause you to overeat?  Does lack of sleep or low mood prevent you from exercising?  Our approach is to examine all parts of your life that affect your health as a whole.

We know creating lasting health is a comprehensive process, thats’s why we use both an outside in (looking at food, exercise, sleep, etc.) and inside out (examining mindset, habits, self talk, mindfulness, etc.) methodology to help you achieve and sustain your goals.

True health is about enjoying a life full of energy, vitality, and optimal wellness.

We were there once too!

The place where you feel lost, not knowing where to turn, not knowing what to do.  Our health felt like a burden unable to be solved.

Now we’re here to get to know you, to know where you are, to know the challenges you’re up against, to help you find and know your path.  We’ve got you, and we’ll show you the way.

Ready to take the next step to thrive in life?

We know what it feels like to struggle with pain, digestive issues, weight fluctuation, low mood and fatigue in the body.  Maybe, like us, you’ve even tried to override symptoms with quick fixes.

And yet deep down you know there must be a better way, after all you were born to thrive in life not just survive it. 

We also know what it is like to spend years outsourcing to a sick care system only to discover you’ve ignored the root causes of your bio-individual system, the essential piece to rebalance your body and live with vitality.

Good news.

We have a system that crafts the nuts and bolts to support you to transform your body, and connect fully in life.

Change your lifestyle and plant the seed, then watch it sprout and flourish with energy and vitality in your life!

Ready to plant a seed towards better health? Start by dialing in your nutrition and uncovering the root causes affecting your energy with a 7-Day Functional Medicine Detox. Or dive deeper with an Integrative Health Consultation.

It’s time to sprout anew! Grow that seed with one-on-one support from Renee or Joseph. Expect to connect more deeply with your body, build strength through tailored personal training, and tap into your energetic body, mind, and spirit with Reiki and Sound Healing.

Let’s help your seedling grow to its full potential. Join our bespoke VIP 6-month coaching program, Flourish. This is where real change happens, providing the ultimate accountability to help you thrive with vitality in all areas of life.

Are you ready to think differently, rebalance and connect to your life?

We get you back to basics, uncover what your body needs and replenish it so you can thrive.  It’s not mysterious, it just takes attentive coaches and a shift from an ‘all or nothing’ to an ‘always something’ approach that can immediately feel less overwhelming.

No matter life’s circumstances, there’s always something we can do.

Book a free discovery call with us to discuss your now and your potential journey…