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Bring balance to your sen

In the Thai healing system energy lines are known as “sen”. The sen lines are conduits.  They are able to connect and move substances and sensations from one place to another.  The sen are pathways for prana to flow.  Prana is a Sanskrit word for “life force” or “vital energy”.

Reiki utilises this vital energy to clear our energetic conduits or pathways that are often blocked and need clearing bringing balance back to our physical and spiritual body.

Reiki has many positive benefits.  It increases energy levels; makes you feel relaxed; decreases pain and tension; and brings balance to your mental and emotional state while connecting you to yourself, where holistic healing begins.  

Reiki is a non-invasive treatment that can help you manage anxiety, stress, depression, grief, insomnia, bodily pains and other life challenges.

Treatment Options

Rebalance Naturally offers Reiki treatments and packages with Renee Italia.


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