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Life Force Energy

What is 'Life Force Energy'?'

Humans usually associate the word ‘energy’ with finer vibrations.  Colour, light, heat and sound are all energy.  Take your mobile phone; it rings, you answer it and talk to a person anywhere in the world without any physical connection.  When we think of energy we generally think of these examples.  We can’t see the electric vibrations, but we can see and hear what they do.

Then there is the solid stuff.  We see something, know where it is, but we don’t see what it does.  We call this ‘matter’.  It is solid, sturdy and reliable.  A house, car or piece of chocolate, all fall into the category of matter.

What’s the connection between energy and matter?

There might be a tree outside your workplace, for instance, and a tree (matter) needs nourishment to grow: soil, water and sun (energy).  Our body is no different.  Let’s examine the idea.

First there is matter: bones, flesh, blood and organs all made up of billions of cells.  When we humans look in the mirror, this is what we see: a body, our body, and this is what we tend to identify with.  The body in the mirror is who we are.  We take wonderful care of what we see: applying creams, lotions, eating healthily and exercising.  We think, ‘I’m looking after myself.’  Occasionally, matter (the body), causes problems: parts break down, bruise or don’t function properly.

Problems, though, can also be created in other ways.  Have you ever said, ‘I have little energy’, ‘I’m exhausted’, or ‘I feel depleted’, even though nothing is physically wrong with you.  These feelings are not related to the physical part of your body – they’re a separate innate feeling.

That’s because we also have finer, faster vibrations in our body, referred to as ‘energy’ or ‘life-force’.  In other languages and traditions this is called ki, chi or prana.

And so several complementary healing arts have been developed to balance the body (matter) and the feelings (energy).  I encourage you to experience Reiki and rebalance your body naturally.

(Paraphrased from Torsten A. Lange, Reiki – Heal Your Body and Your Life with the Power of Universal Energy)


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