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Rebalance Naturally delivers yoga and mindfulness online and in person incursions that provide students with tools to self-regulate with a specific emphasis on breath, laughter, learning from mistakes, developing confidence, utilising natures gifts (essential oils can be a tactile option) and engaging with the creator within. 

Classes can run from 45-60 minutes and we can also provide consecutive weekly classes for students to gain a deeper sense of the practice.  

Yoga and mindfulness incursions are available for all year levels and abilities.

Through collaboration we will design an incursion experience, tailored to your students.  Whether it’s a unit of inquiry, provocation or part of the Health and Physical Education program.  We can create a session to help guide curriculum outcomes. 

Schools play a vital role in promoting the social and emotional development of young people.

Outcomes our sessions focus on (but not limited too) are:

  • Identifying and understanding how our emotions help us to regulate our behaviour
  • How different challenges and situations require different strategies.
  • How embracing and developing optimism helps us to have confidence in ourselves and our future.
  • Understanding and respecting other peoples’ perspectives helps us to develop empathy.
  • How reflecting on the strategies we use to manage change and face challenges helps us to develop new strategies to cope with adversity.

(Utilising the outcomes of the Personal, Social & Physical Education Scope and Sequence, PYP documentation)

Who is your facilitator?

Hi I am Renee Italia, a passionate educator and co-founder of Rebalance Naturally.  I hold a Bachelor of Education, with specific training in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program.  With over 13 years experience teaching in Australia and Overseas, it was my own ‘Who am I’ inquiry that led me to India to become a certified yoga instructor.  Fast forward a little and it allowed me to birth incursion offerings, for young people discovering who they are. 

When we have a deep sense of ‘self’ and who we want to ‘be’ in life, creation becomes effortless! 

My passion for travel, holistic education and a zest for living an authentic, fun filled life is something which drives me to want to instil these attributes in every human being, particularly the young people in our world today. 

Incursion Bookings

Rebalance Naturally yoga and mindfulness programs are funded by the schools.  Costs vary depending on how many students attend the classes, the duration, number of sessions and if any materials need to be sent to the school prior to the incursion.  For example – the more sessions you book, the cheaper the rate becomes.

Price guideline for one session (based on our minimum of 30 students)

Online Incursion: $7.50 per person – ($225)

In person Incursion: $15 per person – ($450)

Please note in person incursions greater than 15km from our studio, may incur an additional travel fee.

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