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Believe In Her

One-On-One Mentorship

Believe In Her - Clarity from the inside out

This is for the woman who wants the energy to align with life and feel connected.

You feel stuck.  Your thoughts spiral thinking about what you should do.  You feel tired and at the same time yearn to feel deeply connected.  You’re overwhelmed by where to begin, so you hide in the safety of the known. 

I get it lovely.  I’ve experienced all of these things…

I had a secure teaching job, it paid well and I went on multiple holidays a year.

I told myself you should be grateful, life is good.

But truth be told, I was exhausted.  My body was kicking me with signals to wake up.  I felt disconnected, my heart was locked and I was at serious risk of falling out of love with the joy of teaching.  For a person who is inspired by personal growth this was a scary place to be.

See, I’d never been shown the secret ‘interconnectedness’, to go from being an incredible but tired woman in life, to an incredible, empowered woman, who aligns with life.


Join me on the pathway to purify your vessel.

Over time I’ve collected the elements to make every day of my life feel like a holiday.  I’ve globally sought out experts, spiritual leaders and mentors from various disciplines and modalities and translated the teachings for the everyday woman.

Working with me as your mentor, you will integrate your power, your pleasure, your presences, your purpose and your patience to deeply calibrate a mind, body, and spirit connection.  By examining the interwoven relationship between the layers of your vessel, you will cultivate an awareness like know other.

In tapping into this awareness you will create a pathway in service to you.  You will gain an understanding of your unique body constitution and be able to use this knowledge to support your energy.

It will be like rewiring an electrical circuit.  You will ignite a spark within.

Feeling stuck is no longer an option.

You will calm the mind, let go of stagnant residue and connect to your heart centre to align with your inner truth.

Through guided teachings, discussion and practical tools we will build a customised Ritual Kit for you to Believe in Her.

From a channel of clarity you will become the creator of your life.  It is time to listen to her whisper, gain clarity and create intentions that light you up.  Align your life with what’s important and have the energy to take inspired action.

Working with me as your mentor, you will receive the support and guidance you need to connect with that inner knowing.  We will honour the role of your masculine and feminine energies and celebrate every step of the way.

Become the BelieveHer you know is within.

Believe In Her Offers the support and accountability you have been looking for to commit and invest in yourself with six private coaching sessions, customised for you.

The most incredible leaps I have made in life, I have made being supported by mentors and empowering women by my side.  Reminding me of what is possible, calling me out on limiting thinking and connecting me back to the beauty of the world around me.

If you want:

  • Practical steps to raise your vibration
  • A deep connection and trust with yourself
  • Increased accountability, with a mentor in your corner to call you out on your BS (with love of course).
  • An understanding of the multiple layers that make up your vessel and how to align with them to be in service to you.
  • The courage to listen to that whisper and step into your power to create.

Then you need Believe In Her mentoring from the inside out.

You will receive:

  • 6 customised 90-minute 1:1 coaching sessions over 3 months.  These sessions will blend teaching, practical discussion and next steps.
  • A Welcome Pack to open dialogue and set intentions for yourself.  This will guide our first session to be on the same page so we can customise the most nourishing Believe In Her experience for you.
  • A body constitution assessment to identify and inquire into the bio-individual layers of your being.
  • A Ritual Tool Kit tailored for you, to naturally flow into your life.  This will be delivered in a format for you to utilise during and beyond the 3-month self-inquiry.  It may include breath techniques, guided recordings and essential oil blends.  Ritual Kits will differ from person to person as we are customising what is in service for you.  This is the core of this coaching program.
  • Accountability over the three months with fortnightly coaching calls and access to me via voice note or messages, using voxer between coaching calls.

This package is for you to gather up your energy, be empowered to create from a space of alignment.

Believe In Her Come Home.

Package Options

Believe In Her is a 3-month experience.

Launch Price of $844 for first 4 clients ready to commit to themselves (Regular Price $1388).

Want to learn more?

In this call we will meet, chat about what you want and need, and how we can work together to create an empowered connection for you.


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