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About Us

Renee Italia

I’ve always been intrigued by the interconnectedness of human beings.  There’s so much that the diversity of cultures on this earth can offer, and I was always a willing student.  Having travelled to over 35 countries, including living abroad, I have been blessed to meet people from all walks of life and have been privy to many lessons that have influenced the way I approach life and wellbeing.

My interest in the world of people and the potential each of us holds began when I was a kid, flipping excitedly through the newspaper to the astrology section, to read about beauty of connection throughout the universe.  And it was through embracing that connection with people throughout my adventures that I discovered my passion for cultural immersion, and I promised myself that I would weave this into the fabric of my life.  For me, travel serves as an invaluable form of professional and personal development, as it is because of my experiences that I’m able to guide others along the path of holistic living.

This idea of holistic wellness is something I began integrating in my work early on, commencing with my approach to teaching.  As a qualified teacher (Bachelor of Education), of course I implemented the structures imparted on me by my own educators.  But it was important to me to take a holistic approach to teaching, balancing the academic with students’ intrinsic needs of self-worth and overall wellbeing.  Limiting beliefs are learned early on in life, and it remains my belief that this needs to be addressed in order to offer our children their best chance of growing up with the confidence and resilience they need to tackle whatever life will throw at them, in a healthy way.

I believe in true balance; in the integration of mind, body, and spirit, which determines how we see ourselves and how we show up in the world.  It is only through that balance, that we as women are able to fully embody our truth and not only embrace but truly own the multidimensional nature of our being.  My affinity with returning to wholeness has led me to attain certifications as a Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Integrative Health Practitioner, and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist.

In my consultations, I incorporate meditation, Ayurvedic principles and other natural therapies and tools, as well as provide powerful insights into how we can live a connected life, through balancing the mind, body, and spirit.  My approach is all about nurturing our bodies in the same way we do our minds and spirit.  I have found a lot of focus being placed on the mind and the spirit (and rightly so), but it is not always that you come across a practitioner who understands the importance of translating that shift from the mental and spiritual spaces.  It is so important to come back into our bodies, grounding ourselves with the earth, and embodying our learning and discoveries.

I also apply this nurturing notion in my own life!  Living holistically is not a catchphrase… it is a state of ‘being’, focused on clarity, calmness, and connection.  I think of life as a meal.  A healthy meal requires a balance of nutrients, protein, and carbohydrates.  If I only eat carbohydrates, my diet is not balanced for my physical body.  The same principle applies if I only work, without making time to engage in my interests or to be with my family, which creates mental stress.

Perhaps the most crucial lesson I’ve learned is that alignment is key.  If the semblance of balance we achieve is not aligned with our core values, this will become clear. Emotions arise, asking for intervention for our greatest good.  If we let that negative energy fester, it impacts our spirit and then harms our physical body.  All parts of us are interconnected, so we cannot nourish one while neglecting the others.

I encourage everyone to connect with their physical and energetic body, to intuitively Rebalance Naturally for an optimal state of being!

Joseph Aiello

My husband, Joseph (along with his passion for organic food, sustainability, and physical fitness), is a key contributor to the quality of the services we offer at Rebalance Naturally.  Joseph holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Management, Certificate IV in Workplace Training, and Certificate IV in Personal Training, among other areas, and this unique combination makes his behind-the-scenes work seamless.

As the former owner and operator of the Jjaras Organic Farm, Café and Restaurant, Joseph has had the opportunity to experience the wonder of living his passion of sustainable, holistic living.  Joseph expanded his father’s 4-acre block of grazing land in Inverloch, Victoria (Australia), into a sustainable source of certified organic fruit and vegetables sold on demand after offering excess produce harvested out the front of the property on an honesty box system.


After converting the garage into a thriving café, Joseph poured his heart and soul into providing the best farm-to-table experience possible.  His study and experience in horticulture (Certificate III in Horticulture) and as a nutrition consultant has allowed him to optimise the property, both from a space usage perspective and in terms of the variety of produce and eating experiences offered.  Joseph oversaw and cared for the vineyard, 75 garden beds (which he hand-built himself!), berry patch, and orchard trees.  His dedication to natural methods led to the use of composted scraps, leaf litter and weeds as natural fertiliser, a task of love and integrity.

I have to stop myself from elaborating on these achievements!  I mention them, though, to showcase exactly what Joseph brings to the table (pun intended!) with regards to Rebalance Naturally.  His expertise around everything nutrition and fitness related is comprehensive and his contributions align with our philosophy of approaching our wellbeing from a place of connectedness of mind, body, and spirit.  We cannot be truly healthy if we are not first whole.