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People shape people on this Wilderness Road we call life!

Our mission at Rebalance Naturally is to inspire people to ‘manifest optimal wellbeing’ in their lives. You can do this when creating an awareness of balance between your physical, emotional and spiritual self.

Rebalance Naturally connects people, allowing their talents to shine. We live in a world with many talented human beings and when we share, collaborate and rise together, it’s amazing what can be achieved! 

I met Annabel, the talented Wilderness Road artist, a few years ago when trekking through the spiritual land of India. Immediately, I was captivated by her sassy, loveable quest for life and her creative flair!

I’ve always been a believer that people walk in and out of your life for a reason. Some stay for a short amount of time and others for longer. The time is irrelevant, it is the footprint they leave in shaping your life’s purpose. 

Annabel has been one of these significant humans that inspired the launch of Rebalance Naturally. There is no coincidence that her creative master piece is the calming feature in our magical space! You can check out Annabel’s talent by joining a yoga class at Rebalance Naturally and viewing her mural first hand. We also have framed art pieces of hers in the space that can be purchase. So it seems fitting that as we celebrate Rebalance Naturally’s first birthday that we also get to know this talented artist and so we asked her a few questions.

Who is the real Annabel?

The real Annabelle is pretty happy with just chilling in Byron, at the beach with a bunch of friends. I think I’m someone that definitely enjoys the simple things in life but also always open for a big long chat about the deeper intricacies of this world. I love being anywhere or with anyone that allows me the room to truly be myself without any judgement and I love LOVE!

When was the moment you discovered your gift of art? 

I don’t think there was ever a moment where I discovered my gift of art. I think over time, especially the last 4-5 years, I’ve been able to develop my skills and really explore my creative expression so its been a process over time and different experiences. My love for art has grown as I’ve also grown into the woman I am now.

Where would you like to travel next and why?

I would love to travel to Central and South America next. I’ve never really explored that part of the world and there is some feeling I can’t quite explain, that is drawing me there. I think to discover more about this world, to surround myself in a whole new culture and learn more about myself and what I want from life.

What’s one of the biggest challenges you have faced? 

One of the biggest challenges I think I have faced and am still working through everyday, is to be truly honest with myself and know what it is that I want and need for me. To look beyond what other people might think or say and to let go of any ego based fears that hold me back. I’ve struggled a lot with feeling insecure about how I am received by the world and people around me but I’ve learnt, recently, that those thoughts are never actually real and what is most important is the value I have for myself.

Who inspires you? 

My friends inspire me. Books inspire me. Nature inspires me. Art inspires me.

What is the best decision you have made? 

I don’t think there’s only one ‘biggest decision I’ve ever made’ but some of the big decisions I’m facing right now is whether or not to pursue my art overseas and try to make my mark as a mural artist on an international scale. Also, whether I want to be an artist forever and if not, what else would I want to pursue instead. I am constantly faced with big decisions everyday, it’s hard to be able to list all of them!

What are you reading? 

At the moment, I am reading a few books:

‘Conversations with God’ (Book 3). Re-reading ‘The Power of Now’ and another booked called ‘Big Magic’!

Friendships are such a beautiful thing. It is where one soul trusts another to find comfort and liberation on this journey we call life! 

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