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Reiki Massage – Grounds you like a Holiday

Where the Great Barrier Reef meets the Rainforest – the beauty, tranquility and sound of the waves makes Northern Queensland light up!

Think a little deeper and the connection that coexists between the reef and rainforest is transformative. Each ecosystem relying on the other to evolve, grow and adapt over time.

To observe a giant clam on the ocean floor that has been there for over 100 years, or an incredible tree, in the rainforest, gripping roots either side of it. What is evident, is that we are all intertwined!

Does that mean we human beings are also connected with these ecosystems? Absolutely!

It is not a coincidence that when you return from a holiday, you feel relaxed, calm, recharged and in a space of clarity.

People often choose destinations by the ocean, farms, tropics and forests. Why? When we are surrounded by nature, we take time to do the ‘being’ part of being a human. We ground ourselves and connect with these ecosystems.

We are bio-electrical beings and our bodies are made up of trillions (or more) of atoms that all hold an electrical charge, not to mention all of the other things we come into contact with on a daily basis that also hold an electrical charge. We have our physical body and energy body. Electricians ground wires when they wire up a house, and we are taught about the iimportance of grounding electricity in science class, but when it comes to our own body, this is rarely covered.

Reiki massage works with the energy body. When you get off the treatment table a feeling of relaxation can be felt with the release of stagnant energy in the body. It is like reconnecting short circuited wires in a house.

When you consider how little time we actually spend with our feet on the Earth, with no shoes on or even just sitting on the ground, this may start to make sense. When we are out in nature or going for a walk we have shoes with rubber soles on them – this directly interferes with the grounding process.

We human beings rely on these ecosystems for energy flow, even though at times we may feel like separate entities.

Reiki, like grounding your feet on the earth, stimulates the energy flow in your body. This supports the connection between your mind, body and spirit. Leaving you in a similar relaxed state, such as returning from a holiday.

A Reiki practitioner, acting as a facilitator, utilises your body’s natural energy force. Through the treatment, a release of blocked or stagnant energy can be felt in the form of heat, tingling, twitching or other bodily sensation. This reconnects your channels making you feel lighter and relaxed.

The best way to understand Reiki is to experience it. Rebalance Naturally pairs essential oils with a Reiki treatment to support each clients individual needs.

During and after your initial consultation, we mentor you on the use of essential oils for aromatic and topical application to support your treatment. We also recommend a few sessions after your initial consult, to reinforce your body’s continual grounding…just like a rainforest and an ocean being refreshed, cleansed and realigned after a tropical rainstorm!

Like a new holiday destination, why not book a Reiki break and experience the electric journey for yourself.

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