To make the transformation in your life you're going to need support and the best way to receive it is to give it!

We’re Renee and Joseph and we’ve learned the thing that’s missing from many of our lives – the law of reciprocation!

There was a time when our relationship to wellbeing was full of frustration, wasted effort, and guesswork…but as coaches, we’ve come to understand that our highest ideal is helping others solve problems we’ve worked tirelessly to solve for ourselves.

Life, the ultimate challenge, is not a race to the finish, but rather a process of continual growth.

When shifting or changing any aspect of our lives, it’s the act of getting started that is, by far, the most challenging stage of the process – a process which you have already begun.

Learn about how we made the change

Renee's story...

Bought a house tick, secure job tick, lived overseas tick, travelled extensively tick, ate out, stayed up late, drank cocktails tick, tick, tick… 

The external checklist that became my ticking time bomb when the doctor said…“you have irregular cells on your cervix that are cancerous”.

Sorry what!! Did he just say cancer on my vagina.  I’m in my twenties, he must be wrong.

It was a wake up call… the type that slaps you in the face until something inside of you shifts.  Alone my eyes flicker open as the anaesthetic dissipates (the doctor confirms that the procedure was successful) tears begin to flow uncontrollably down my face.

They were not tears of relief.  They were not tears of joy or even gratitude.  They were tears of sorrow, fear and guilt of a woman who had abandoned her feminine spirit. 


For too long I’d gripped tight to control it all.  A decade on the pill, bottled up emotions and listening to authorities outside of my own inner knowing as if they were more superior.  
As I laid on that hospital bed alone in Singapore with that familiar anxious feeling I knew something had to change.  I’d been disconnected from my body’s messages with swollen glands, hoarse voice, digestive discomfort and extreme numbness to life. 
The only person who could change this state was me.
And that’s what led me to deep dive into yoga…the practice that unites the body, mind and spirit.
The practice of becoming the witness of your thoughts.  The practice that reminds you to listen to the wisdom of your body and breath.  It even landed me in India to experience the birth place of living a yogic lifestyle.

Renee Italia – Bachelor of Education, Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Instructor and Lifestyle Coach.

But this was only the start of my deep reawakening.  
It didn’t happen over night. 
In the years after my cancer scare, I spent a small fortune trying alternative medicines, immersing myself in personal development and different specialists to bring harmony to the anxiety and feeling of burn out in my body. 
Again I found myself in the doctors office this time given the label amenorrhoea (absent period).  As a woman this label crushed me, blame and a feeling of brokenness arose. 
Instead of sweeping the feelings under the carpet, something I’d become good at, for the first time I truly acknowledged my emotions and continued to support them with Reiki.
I was determined to take back my life and feel energised again!
This change in mindset cracked me open more deeply and just like that my now husband Joseph swooped into my life.  Coincidence…I think not. Needless to say Joseph’s own healing journey inspired me to keep honouring my body’s intelligence. 
Let’s get back to what happened next…
The last straw came when I was told by yet another conventional doctor to just go back on the contraceptive pill. 

I was sick of this disempowering approach of shutting down hormones with a withdrawal bleed and feeling like a crazy lady.  I was tired and knew there had to be another way to feel well again and I was not going to abandon my inner wisdom again. 

That’s when I came across Dr Stephen Cabral, the teacher and mentor who introduced me to integrative health.

To have 20 years experience helping people resolve underlying root health causes and be considered a leader in the integrative health without spending a cent on advertising, proved to me his protocols really do work.

As I studied his practices, I not only learned to help others find mind and body balance, but I too began to heal.  Fast forward to today and you’ll find a Renee who is bursting with energy…I’m in much better shape and loving life again!

So I guess you could say I get it.  To go from feeling anxious, dissatisfaction and uncomfortable in my own body—things you might be feeling right now—to complete renewal can seem out of reach. And when I tell you that it all started when I ordered my first at home lab test, I understand your scepticism.

But honestly, I was fed up with the ‘sick’ care system.  The same old tests and band aid fixes were sending me crazy and made me feel worse.  To fix my problem I had to get to the bottom of the imbalances that ran far deeper than any quick fix could address.

Now, my quest in life is to help you do the same; connect to your body, rebalance and thrive in life!

To find out how I can help you, why not book a discovery call…it’s completely free!

It's time to break free from your limitations!

,,,and learn to work harder on yourself than your job…

shellfish, mussel, sand-3062011.jpg

Procrastination…leave it behind.  Get excited and make changes. Good life comes from personal changes.

thin, sea, fence-2902686.jpg

Excuses…do remarkable things to humans.  You can turn nothing into something. 

beach, sand, sea-3369140.jpg

Physical…treat your body like a temple. It’s the only place you’ve got to live. 

beach, foam, waves-2179183.jpg

Appearance…you never have a second chance to make a first impression.

beach, model, ocean-1836377.jpg

Mental…learn, grow and change, feeding and nourishing the mind. 

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Blame…it’s not ‘it’.  Stop blaming ‘it’ and work on you!

What’s your plan?

Joseph's story...

So picture this…there I was in my late twenties, feeling great, eating well, working out at the gym, playing sport and living an adventurous life.  I meet someone and we get on well.  I’m doing well at my job and I see a path in life that I can travel down.  Early thirties come along and I get married and settle onto that path, I work hard and prepare for the future.

Ten years later I wake up one morning and realise I can’t even bend over to pull my sock onto my foot and I have to sit down on the bed to do so. 

Not only did I feel sore and tired, I’d lost my vitality and energy.  In fact, on reflection I realised I had lost that connection to myself.  The connection between mind, body and spirit.  There I was…unfit, overweight and working hard at two jobs with little time for rest and sleep.  Well, it only takes so long until that kind of lifestyle ends in a disaster.  My vitality bucket was empty.  Too stressed and complacent at the time to do anything about my predicament, the wake up call finally came…

What happened...

It wasn’t immediate…it came upon me slowly.  It first started with a constant ache in my arms that wouldn’t go away.  It didn’t bother me at first but then it got worse…boy did it get worse.  Soon I was unable to sleep at night due to the constant pain in my arms.  Then the pain slowly crept into the rest of my body, to my legs and back and shoulders.  Pretty much all my joints were aching and I couldn’t even lift my arms to do basic things like brush my teeth or even lift a fork to my mouth.  Of course I finally decided to do something about it so I took the conventional path and went to a doctor.  

I was diagnosed with reactive arthritis and fibromyalgia and told there was nothing I could do about it.  This was just a way for the doctors to say they didn’t know what the cause of my problem was.  They certainly knew how to treat the symptoms though.  So much so, that for months I was taking cortisone to give me some relief from the pain. 

Now, I’m a tough guy who’s done many adventurous things in work and life but I can honestly say that I would not wish that pain on my worst enemy.  It was debilitating and was barely relieved by the constant medication that the doctor prescribed in larger and larger doses.  Now if you know anything about cortisone, and if you don’t, go and research it, you will understand that you don’t want to be on that stuff.  Needless to say, my work and life relationships were going down hill while all this was happening and believe it or not, I was still heading to work and fighting my way through the day. 

Something had to change.  I needed to get back in touch with my body, nobody was helping me, I had to help myself.  Instead of trying to do everything myself at work, I sought help.

Then I made the biggest change…I changed my mindset.

I decided that it was now time for me to set the rules, not the world around me.  I overhauled my diet with healthy whole foods, went to bed earlier and took time to relax. I ditched the medication I was on and lived with the pain.  Instead of treating the symptoms of my illness, I sought out ways to treat the underlying cause.  I started going to the gym and working out.  Was it hard?  Yes it was, and the pain was excruciating, but I needed to move and this was one way I knew how.  Did I do it alone, no I didn’t.  I hired a personal trainer to help.  

Joseph Aiello – Bachelor of Applied Science, Certified Personal Trainer, Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach.

Then after a while, something started to change.  My aches and pains started to dissipate, my energy started to return, I looked forward to going to the gym and I started to lose weight and get fitter and stronger.  Of course, these decisions and changes started to have snowballing effects in my life.  I went from a forty year old unable to get out of bed and do up his shoelace to someone looking forward to life’s adventures with vitality.  The road wasn’t easy and I had help along the way.  So here I am today, fifty years old and stronger and fitter than when I was at twenty years of age with a wonderful wife fifteen years younger than me…who would have thought.  But that’s the power of manifestation, belief and connection with your body.  

I had regained my natural balance and now everyday I strive to maintain that balance and you can too.  That’s’ why I’ve dedicated the last ten years of my life to getting fit and healthy and to helping others do the same.  I didn’t do it alone and you don’t have to either.

That’s why Renee and I are here to help you and be your coaches.

You have the power and we give you the accountability.  If you are where I was all those years ago or feel yourself heading down that path, it’s not too late.  I know it and you can too.  

So now it’s probably time for one last point in my story.  When I said earlier “who would have thought’ that I’d have a wife 15 years younger and the fitness and strength of a younger version of myself, I didn’t do it by magic.  I met an old acquaintance one day while walking along the beach and while chatting she suggested the one thing that I now suggest to you.  Simply to manifest what you want to be, what you want to have and the lifestyle you want to lead.  After that meeting I literally did that…and I don’t mean in a general way.  I was specific.  I visualised a fit body and a beautiful wife with brown eyes and dark hair and many more things.  Is it magic?  No, it’s not and it’s available to you.

So I ask you…are you ready to connect with your body and connect your life and manifest all the wonderful things you’ve been dreaming about? 

Yes, not sure, maybe…it doesn’t matter where you’re at right now but we can help you…and to do that we encourage you to give us a call.  It’s free and during the call we’ll discuss your issues, goals and dreams and help you to decide if you’re a person we can help so that you can transform your life just like we did.  If that sounds like a great life decision to make, then book a discovery call with us and let yourself thrive with vitality.