While your coaches are experts in health and fitness, YOU are the expert in your life.

And when each of you brings your own expertise to the table? Magic happens.

Whether you want to build a plan for overall health, weight-loss, strength or just want to have more energy for daily life, we got you, and we’ll guide the way.

Once the truth is revealed, the path becomes clear.

Ready to water your seed and watch your health sprout?  No matter where you are in your health journey, it’s important to feel confident in the path you are taking!

As my husband Joseph often says, it’s not simply a matter of setting the seed in the soil.  In order for it to sprout, it needs the right conditions.  He was a commercial organic gardener for years so he knows what he’s talking about.  He’ll often tell me that seeds won’t sprout if they’re in poor soil or if they’re watered too much at the wrong time.  He takes an integrated approach to everything he grows and we reap the benefits.

So too, can you reap the benefits of any exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes that you make.  You just need access to the right knowledge for your health and body.

Every person is unique, just like every seed.

Take a moment to ask yourself – what do I need in this moment to make the changes I want to heal my health and transform my body?

We know you’re ready for answers and we have them, but it can be intimidating to decide where to start so we offer different options that may resonate with you depending on your goals.

Perhaps your ‘gut’ is telling you that you need more exercise.  Great!  You may have been down that road before without much success or maybe you’ve never really done much exercise and are intrigued by all the positive outcomes you see others achieve.  If so, and if you want to learn about a proven form of exercise to get the most effective results for your health, weight loss or body transformation, then explore Body Connect Training.

If your focus right now is on the healing of any root causes that have led to poor health or lack of energy and vitality, then explore Body Connect Coaching.  You will have been referred to this service by me if I’ve had an Integrative Health Consultation with you and we have identified issues for you to work on.  If you’re here for the first time, however, it’s also a good starting point with the added benefit of ongoing coaching.

We recognise that you can’t always choose your best starting point without a little advice, so feel free to schedule a free discovery call with us so that we can determine the best path for you otherwise explore our options below by scrolling or clicking on each button and watch your seed sprout and grow!

Body Connect Training

$1495.00 AUD

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Build on your seed of intention and implement the exercise and training principles of the Body Connect Blueprint to achieve your health goals and transform your body and your life.

We advocate that exercise that builds muscle and that is properly applied is an important aspect of your health.

Who is Body Connect Training for?

Body Connect Training is for anyone wishing to body recomposition or improve their overall health through the implementation of focused and effective resistance training.  It doesn’t matter what age you are, male or female, you do have the ability to implement this training and be successful.

In fact, as world renowned exercise specialist Doug McGuff states,

The ‘health’ territory that muscle tissue covers is phenomenal.  It includes the potential for processing waste materials, oxygenating blood, controlling insulin levels, optimising bone-mineral density, increasing metabolic rate, reducing body fat levels, optimising aerobic capacity, enhancing flexibility, and appreciably reducing the chances of injury, while at the same time allowing you to perform day-to-day task with far less wear and tear and stress on your body. All of these health benefits flow from the building and strengthening of your muscles.

In the Body Connect Training service the emphasis will, therefore, be on the exercise component of the Body Connect Blueprint where you will learn and apply the principles of High Intensity Resistance Training.  The most effective exercise and resistance training protocol there is.

As part of the Body Connect Training service, you will also receive the full Body Connect Blueprint E-book for your reference.

This service is also an opportunity for those who are already following the Body Connect Blueprint to nail down the training aspect with professional guidance.  You can eliminate the guesswork and be confident that the way you train is on point and effective and that you are achieving the results you want from your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

What is my obligation?

Body Connect Training sessions will require commitment from you.  Your first and initial session will be 60 minutes in duration and from then on your sessions will be brief (generally 30 minutes).  All sessions will be intense.

You coaching will be private and you will train exclusively with Joseph in a one-on-one format.

You will train for a minimum of two sessions per week for 12 weeks (unless you wish to extend your program).

You will not have experienced this style of resistance training before.

For one 0ff sessions check out the Body Connect Intensive on the ‘Seed’ page.

How does in-person Body Connect Training work?

The Body Connect Training Service is conducted in-person at our studio gym in Inverloch.  If your not in Inverloch, virtual sessions are for you but you will need a training space where you can film yourself doing your workout.

In your first session, Joseph will personally guide and supervise you through a full High Intensity Resistance Training session while explaining the fundamental principles of this style of training in depth and how to reap the benefits of it in conjunction with your implementation of the nutrition and lifestyle elements of the Body Connect Blueprint.

Each week during your sessions you will follow a resistance training program designed especially for you with Joseph by your side guiding you through the workout and educating you on all the aspects of the Body Connect principles as you go.  Joseph will help you ‘dial in’ your exercise form and push yourself to the required effort to ensure you are getting the most out of your training.  

Session timing is critical in the design process as recovery between sessions is important so you will also have a discussion with Joseph about the timing of your sessions before you start.

Your training knowledge will be complemented with nutritional advice and guidance from Joseph and you will be expected to apply the principles learned from these discussions with the same commitment with which you train. You will also have to-and-fro communication through email as well to ensure you are on track at all times.

These in-person spots are sought after and must be confirmed with us prior to commencement.

Sauna Session

At the end of your in-person training sessions, you will also have an opportunity to detoxify in our infrared sauna.  Sessions are $30 and of 30-minutes duration.  You will be provided with a booking link upon signing-up for Body Connect Training should you wish to avail yourself of this opportunity.

To discuss Body Connect Training further, book a Discovery Call, or make a commitment and transform your health by booking your first session now!

Want to find out more about our services or private coaching?

Try a free discovery call with me and learn more about what we offer or even discuss your health concerns to find the starting point for you on your journey to optimal health.

To get in touch, you can email me below or send me a private message via Facebook or Instagram.

Body Connect Coaching

$1,555.00 AUD

Summer Sale on now! Code: SUMMERFIT for 15% off.

Scheduling time to rebalance the body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually is not selfish.  It’s the nurturing of your seed that you need to enable you to sprout and grow.

In fact, it’s the most important work one can do to thrive and connect more deeply with your body and subsequently, those around you. When you are better for yourself, you are better for everyone.  

Makes sense, right!

Why then does it take us so long to make ourselves a priority?  Maybe, like me, you gained a Masters early in life being of service to everyone else, people pleasing, saying ‘yes’ when you really wanted to say ‘no’.  Maybe you took your youthful body for granted, staying up late, and feeding it junk and drinking alcohol in excess.  Whatever the concoction, it all leads to the same road.

Overwhelm and depletion or what I call funky energy.

Let’s face it, sometimes we can feel out of balance and we may not even know why but that funky energy doesn’t appear overnight and we need time to rebalance it so you can connect to your body and thrive again.

It takes 21 days to form good habits and 90 days to embed them so in this 12-week package we will rebalance your energy from the inside-out and outside-in and overcome that sense of overwhelm and depletion.

How does Body Connect Coaching work?

You will meet Renee fortnightly for a 60 minute session either in-person or online or a combination of both.

Your first session is a deep dive session where Renee will go through an integrative health screening.  It’s a chance for you to share, reflect and question where potential energy vampires have rooted themselves in your body and life.  A time to begin uncovering the root cause of any dis-ease you may be experiencing and a chance to clarify your direction to better health.

Renee may even have you complete an at home functional medicine lab test if the data will benefit your 12-week journey together.  This initial session will lay the foundation as to how we construct your Body Connect Coaching sessions.

Your life experience is unique and no one size fits all approach will cut it!  You deserve an experience customised for you to turn any funky energy into thriving vitality!

This coaching journey focuses on the lifestyle component of the Body Connect Blueprint.  In other words, it focuses on the changes you often know you need to make but which often fall to the way side because you have no support.  The beauty of this 12-week coaching container is the commitment you make to yourself and the support that helps you form lasting habits.

We will tackle your mindset, nutrition, stress, toxicity load and emotional awareness amongst other things. We will spend more time in areas that are bio-individual to your needs, because, remember, you are unique!

Experienced in a number of complimentary practices, Renee will also draw upon her skill set to ensure you gain an embodied experience that you can put into practice.  For example, with the emotional awareness and stress reduction component Renee may draw upon the power of Reiki and Yoga to connect the energetic and physical body to promote healing and balance utilising the ‘life-force energy’ within you.  

These integrative practices can activate your own innate healing wisdom by calming your nervous system and expanding your awareness to take the action required to connect more deeply to your body.

It’s time to say goodbye to that funky energy and in the inspiring words of Oprah Winfrey remember:

 “It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.”

 So are you ready to flip that funky energy around and commit to yourself for 12-weeks?

What’s included in the Body Connect Coaching program?

During your 12 weeks of personal coaching you will receive:

  • A one-on-one 60 minute fortnightly session with Renee that will be tailored to your specific needs.
  • A detailed health report emailed to you after the first session that will be reviewed monthly.
  • A complimentary functional medicine lab test to the value of $333.00 AUD. If extra lab work is required this will incur an extra cost.
  • An in-depth review of your lab test results.
  • Reiki and yoga therapy as applicable.
  • The Body Connect Blueprint.
  • Lifestyle and mindset coaching as applicable.
  • Workbook supports to guide your weekly progress.
  • Access to the application process for VIP upgrade to our Life Connect Coaching service activated after four-weeks with a special discount code for selected clients.

It’s time to make you a priority again!

If you’re a “Hell yes!” to that, then book your start date online or at one of our suites in Melbourne or Wonthaggi and let’s dive into Body Connect Coaching together.

*Please note that in-person sessions in Airport West are only available at specific times of the month.

Make your own life your best study...become a student of your life.

Here are some principles we will adopt on our journey to help us help you

beach, family, fun-1867271.jpg


What’s your philosophy?

Make your own life your best study. Become a student of your life.

Learn from what others are embodying and doing. Find an expert.

It’s not what happens that determines your future, it’s what you do about it. 

young woman, beach, dress-1745173.jpg


Life is like the changing seasons.  You cannot change the seasons but you can change yourself.

Learn how to handle the winters…take advantage of the spring…nourish and tend your garden…and learn how to accept responsibility in your autumn without apology.

girl, sea, beach-429380.jpg


Get excited and make the changes. Good life comes from the personal changes.

When the idea is hot and emotion is strong, take action before the feeling diminishes. 

To design your future you must have goals they are like magnets that pull you towards your dreams.

beach, idyllic, man-1867017.jpg


Why should you try?

Why not?

Why not you?

Why not now?

What kind of person will I need to become to get all I desire?

Let’s work on your philosophy!